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An easy-to-use tool for social risk analysis in electronics products


The Challenge

Human rights are violated at all stages of the electronics supply chain.


The Approach

Fairtronics is a web-based social life cycle tool for electronics products.


The Vision

Electronics manufacturers can use the tool to examine improvement measures.

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You can use our app to examine social risks in your supply chain.

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The Challenge

Human rights are violated at all stages of the electronics supply chain. Through their work with FairLötet e.V., the project team has found that smaller electronics manufacturers in particular are sensitised to these challenges, but lack concrete options for action. At the same time, there is usually no budget for classical methods of sustainability management such as lifecycle assessments. The project is intended to provide an introduction to sustainability analysis. In this way, manufacturers can identify the riskiest components of their products and develop targeted alternatives for action.

The Approach

On an internet portal, interested parties should be able to have the fairness of electronic products analysed. A parts list can be entered for analysis. A Social Lifecycle Assessment (S-LCA) uses open data to calculate social risks such as human rights or labour law violations. A graphical interface prepares the social analysis for laypersons in an understandable way and provides a classification of the calculated risks. In addition, components are highlighted which contribute particularly high risk. This should sensitise users to social risks and encourage them to think about design alternatives.

The Vision

Electronics manufacturers, especially smaller companies and start-ups, can use the tool to identify particularly risky components and examine possible measures (e.g. alternative sourcing, design alternatives). The tool can also be used for educational purposes within the framework of FairLötet's association work and beyond, e.g. in a university context or at events related to electronics or sustainability.

Want to learn more about the challenges for fair electronics products and the approach and vision of Fairtronics? We have given a talk at 36th Chaos Communication Congress.

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